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Why Liberals Should Support Voter ID

A few years ago at my liberally enlightened poll station, voters came through proudly holding on to their ID’s.  This was 2006 and rumors of Republican voter fraud were all around. Pulling out ones ID was an act of resistance of no matter what regime is in power the right to vote could not be taken away.  While there was no Voter ID Laws at the time, there was a requirement to show an ID if your right to vote was challenged.

So yes, the liberal so opposed to Republican Voter ID Laws, in voting practice saw it as an insurance policy protecting ones right to vote. They would attack Republicans for the Voter ID Law, but never challenge the insane ID taxes that prohibited citizens from full participation in civil society.

Without an ID, a citizen would struggle writing a check at a grocery store, or take their child to the Sears Tower. Without an ID, a citizen would struggle to open a checking account, or get a job. Yes, I know these acts are different than the mere symbolic act of voting. These acts have very material consequences that force citizens into the shadows of civil society.

Oh yes, hear the cries of faux concern, that poor, black, single parent won’t be able to vote because of the Voter ID requirement. Yes, but she also won’t be able to get a job, a bank account, or write a check for her starving, sick child. Not once in the last eight years have I heard the Democrats try to lower or get rid of the ID tax. In fact, recently I heard liberals proclaim the Republican ID Law would increase costs of government. One liberal was outraged that government would even subsidize citizens getting an ID. What an outrage!

I am no fool. Like Democrats with their games to keep Nader or Greens off the ballot, this is an attempt or at least hope to limit voter roles. If it was not for the poll tax they would not be giving citizens a State ID tax cut. The fact remains even liberals fall back upon the ID as a voter insurance policy, and if your vote is challenged you are left with no recourse without an ID.  The fact remains Democrats had 8 years to make ID’s more accessible to all WI citizens, but failed to do so.

I support the Voter ID Law because an ID is essential for full participation in society. This law will allows many WI citizen to go to the ballot box with the insurance policy that there vote can not be challenged.  I support this law because it gets rid of one of the most regressive taxes in the state of Wisconsin. I support this law because it will make it easier for Wisconsin citizens to open up a checking account instead of paying insane charges at a check cashing store. I support this law because a mother can take her child to a Children’s Museum or visit the Sear’s Tower in Chicago without harassment. I support this law because out of the requirement for a mere symbolic act there are countless material benefits.


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