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How Obama Helps Murder Our Inner Child

Another killer article by Ted Rall. Some times the truth has to be razor sharp.

Obama relies on a deeply flawed assumption: that becoming cynical is an inherent part of growing up.

That’s a lie. As American citizens travel the long road from childhood to adulthood to valued members of the AARP, their political system repeatedly lets them down. Cynicism is taught. Optimism is ruthlessly crushed. via Ted Rall\’s Rallblog.

And then he sharpens the razor again,

“I want our democracy to be as good as Christina imagined it,” Obama said. “All of us—we should do everything we can to make sure this country lives up to our children’s expectations.”

No, Mr. Obama. “All of us” don’t have to do jack. It’s not our job to take an interest in politicians. It’s the politicians’ job to take an interest in us.


3 responses to “How Obama Helps Murder Our Inner Child

  1. Annie K.

    Best Blog Title of the Year So Far (it’s only Jan. so I can’t be absolutist about that yet )

    and hurray for unique and interesting post. I have NO idea why the LB guys think it’s a GOOD thing to be SOOOO narrow and deadly goddam dull in their blogging scope, range, and depth. That one guy who recycles the top headline of the day as if he has personally discovered the Missing Link after years of expedition at Olduvai or something. Balls On Toast dude, wtf.
    It’s like they have this powerful car but just go out to the garage once a day and dust off the roof. Therefore the slightest deviation for the herd seems like a HUGE deal . Weird.
    Now Imma gonna attend the funeral for my Inner Child. *sniff*

    and btw Obama has been driving me batshit crazy lately, he couldn’t be more Trite Garden Variety Buying My Own Bullshit Pol if he tried. Maybe he is trying- “first black man” you know, ooooh noes, wouldn’t wanna rock any boats.
    meh :(

  2. Hey, Henry – long time no visit. Thanks so much for the Rall article. It’s got thomasinapaine started again, with a post linking to it. Very beautiful.

    I gave up on thomasina last April—got tired of singing in the wilderness— and went to the Thom Hartmann web site, which gets mega traffic, so that I could engage with others. I’ve been there every day almost, making some great friends, having fun; however, the politics there turns out to be rather antithetical to progressivism, and I was banned from the site the other day (how dare I criticize the President!). My moniker there was Zenzoe; some of my friends made a stink over my being banned, but the powers-that-be there remain silent. It’s a good thing, as it turns out—I need to be independent.

    Zenzoe will have her own blog soon, and I’ll send you a link. Anyway, looks like you’ve got a whole new look and all’s well. I’ll be back to visit. You’re a good source of info. I still miss George Carlin too!

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