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The Myth of Capitalist Competition

Capitalists love the term “free market”  because embedded in the concept is relinquishing all moral responsibility for the ideal. The answer to the consequences of the “free market” is always it was not “free” enough. We in fact saw this fallacy in full bloom with the banks. Clearly a result of the extremities of an unregulated “free market” yet after the capitalists got their money, they tried to blame the bailouts on a distorted socialism.

A socialism that is devoid of historical context or meaning. A twisted distortion that equates both socialism and capitalism with what it isn’t. Socialism becomes equated with a Statism which it has no history of in the American context.  Capitalism on the other hand always seem to invoke the libertarian free market discourse after it has robbed the taxpayers and refuses to take personal responsibility for its actions. Capitalism and Statism is the defining construct of the American experience, much more than any mythical socialism. Oh yes capitalism wants to be free from the chains of the state, but after it has used its power to rob the taxpayers and fix the game in its favor.

We are told it is the competition of the free market which will set us free. Government regulation is unnecessary and in fact harmful because the hyper rational agent through their immoral, self interest will create a competitive environment where capitalism’s best will rise to top.  All of America’s capitalists were not too excited  about letting the free market reign in regard to China. They expected the State to step in to protect all their innovation busting patents.  These patents are anti-competitive by their nature and verge on unconstitutionality. Should a company get a patent for a “technology that allows people to share information”.

Capitalism by its very nature is anti-competitive, if we see competition as offering more choices. In the past two years of using Linux I have been given far more choices than I ever was using the Capitalists operating system. Unlike a Capitalstatist approach that needs a powerful legal apparatus to enforce draconian patents for propitiatory software that limits competition and consumer choice, Linux is based on an opensource model of software development.

In the truest sense it is socialist, by which I mean anti-capitalist and anti-statist. The code is not the property of an individual or company,  but part of the commons. If the code is inferior and does not meet your needs you or developers are free to make it better. In this sense it is only in socialism one can have  true competition – more personal choice.  Since the code is part of the commons there is a very strong incentive to continue making your product better, if not you will be displaced.

In a twist of irony the promise of capitalism can only be realized in socialism.

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  1. damaged justice ⋅

    Most businessmen are some of the greatest enemies of a free market you will ever find on this planet. They’re a bunch of whiny crybabies who are too afraid to go out with guns and take what they want, so they get guys with more guns — government — to do it for them.

    • Annie K.

      I don’t know, I think I have to disagree… the ones I’ve seen up close have no problem being quite honest about their “desires” and go for what they want. I’d say by college age those “young entrepreneurs” have an AMAZING sense of entitlement and a To-The-Manor-Born air. Did I mention their apparent belief that the rules don’t apply to them? That too.
      The year I lived between 2 houses full of Business Majors (code name – The B.M.s) was hell. I have not seen a shittier group of young males since, violent and drunk every day. Literally. I have no idea how they get thru school. They say it’s just good enough to maintain a D average and put a lot of value in the connections made during Internships. The days they went out for interviews they were JUST barely sober. Maybe. But BMs (after graduation then – “Business Men” so you can use the same letters) seem to recognize each other as a species by smell or smarmy facial expression or something, and they welcome each other to Business Management (see? another BM- coincidence? I think not) with open arms and no questions.
      So, I’d say that large numbers of voracious BMs just include “control of the Government” in the list of things they want, and get.

    • Annie K.

      Thanks Henry. I have issues with subscribing to comments here, so I generally do not see if anyone responds to me. I’m not just being snotty.
      I had returned to dump this “spammage” on your blog., in case you were interested. It seems alarming to me and best passed on to “other brains” so that it maybe examined and if appropriate people here be a bit vigilant for the time when our own Capitalist BMs try this. Here’s the message I’m dropping on a few blogs. (LOL already been rejected by one WordPress comment filter as being “Spam”) hopefully I’ll make it thru yours

      Hi. As you know our media here is crap, while the same garbage is recycled daily and Sarah Palin’s every grunt is top story – things are happening, a recent Internet usage ruling in Canada is probably one thing we should be forewarned about, but we are not. I hate to suggest “censorship” but it seems far-fetched that big media does not know about this and has no vested interest in keeping it quiet. I have no idea if perhaps Amy Goodman has covered this or not, I don’t see her every day.
      IN addition, I am in no position personally to evaluate this, or make a definitive judgment on it. However it seems highly cautionary. people should probably start looking into this ruling. It is called Usage Based Billing-UBB. It was suggested by Bell and was eventually approved. It seems like Canadians that I have contact with are highly upset about this, and feel it will change the Internet as they experience it, turning in it into a highly packaged and over-controlled product like Cable TV. On my blog I have posted a copy of an official communication that is being sent out to consumers by one Canadian ISP about the new rates and usage caps.
      Think about that – Usage Caps on your Internet. Quoting form that ISP e-mail – “We encourage you to monitor your usage carefully, as the CRTC has imposed a very high overage rate, above your new monthly limit”

      Check it out yourself, draw your own conclusions or pass this info on to other people, preferably to someone who is able to judge this scenario (or if you have pals in the Party or Government!)and how it might impact US users if implemented here

      Thanks, sorry if you perceive this as spam, I’ve dropped this on a couple of bloggers, it seems important to me to spread the word, and I’m not really what you’d call “well-connected”

    • Annie K.

      lol now I see that your “nicely put” was meant for that original guy, not me Yay! I’m an egomaniac! XD

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