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What Hath Obama Wrought

Give me a fucking break.

“If any of the violence is instigated by the government, it should stop immediately,” said White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. via HuffPo.

With all the moral wimpishness  in regards to the Egypt issue, I hold Obama responsible for the Mabarak backlash. Now, I don’t know if this is his Jimmy Carter moment but Obama’s lack of testicular fortitude certainly gave Mabarak the license he needed for a crackdown.

Obama wanted to play both sides of the fence, and the price of that choice was a re-energized Mabarak.  I wonder what his counseling to Mabarak really was.  This reminds me how Obama “played” the populist rage after the bailouts. Seems to me the counseling was more about waiting out the protest and staying in power in contrast to any real condemnation.


3 responses to “What Hath Obama Wrought

  1. Annie K.

    Totally agree. Obama hasn’t got ONE ball(
    well yes he actually has them but uses them only in 2 cases – One to save his own ass and Two, to support whoever has the most power in any situation. He is totally a Bully’s Bitch. I hate those kinda ppl and they’re ALL over. Talk all sympathetic to the “victim-type” and you/they think they get it. the Bully comes around and the Bitch is all about why things should stay EXACTLY as they are and is all glow-y eyed in admiration for the Bully in the scenario. Over socialized, spineless waste of tissue that’s what. office cultures and school district personnel are full of ’em. But I’m not hostile or anything ;) Make TERRIBLE leaders but they have the social skills to get up there. grrr.
    So, yeah, Egypt. I was disturbed to see how they had “let” the protesters start to feel a bit like they weren’t going to get slammed, and then they got surrounded and corralled with military-type planning.
    Sad Sad Sad.

  2. Annie K.

    omg he’s PRAYING for peace over there.

    “Mr. Obama told an audience ….that in the middle of strife, it is important to “go back to the Scriptures to remind ourselves that none of us have the answer.”

  3. I have to watch myself. For some odd reason I am getting some odd enjoyment of journalists getting their ass kicked. Maybe its the arrogance that they think they can walk into any thugs palace because they are Americans. Now that journalists are being arrested this is looking like the late 70’s all over again. Can we say Pres. Carter.

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