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NY Times Thinks We Should Slow Economic Growth


That is what readers of an article on inflation in Argentina would likely conclude. The article tells readers that Argentina’s government: “has tried to quell concerns about mounting inflation by continuing to keep the economy growing at China-like rates.” Beat the Press.

Why if you don’t follow Dean baker you should. He is  able to drudge through the Neo liberal bullshit of so called liberal rags like the NY Times. Sad thing is most liberals worship the rag and such crap would fly right past them.

We in the United States continue to believe the big lies such as 4-6% growth is acceptable. We also exclude such unpredictable measures such as food, housing, and energy costs. Oh, then we don’t calculate population growth or new workers into the system from the native born.

The so called China like rates simply takes these factors into account. There is nothing radical about 8-12% economic growth, its just keeping even.