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Green Bay You Can Have Your Idiot Back

Oh yes we did.  Nerad was forced to do what he should have from the very beginning.

As of late Tuesday evening, 40% of the 2,600 members of the teacher bargaining unit called in sick, and it is expected that this number will continue to increase through Wednesday morning. At this ratio we have serious concerns about our ability to maintain safe and secure school environments.

Its one thing to get stabbed in the back from “Mbarak” Walker, but the approach Nerad took was insupportable and unacceptable. First he failed to realize the stakes and sent out touchy feely letters of if you love the kids you’ll show up.  Then a letter stating any one calling in sick will be required to have a doctor’s excuse. Lastly the clip on Channel 3 about employees who called in will be investigated. Shame on you, shame on you.

Maybe this is how you played it Green Bay but not in Madison.  Nerad, you should have taken the lead for your teachers, SEA’s and other staff. They work hard and sacrifice for you day in and day out.  They are being attacked, having their payroll tax increased by 20%, loss of all collective bargaining rights, and what do you do, throw them under the bus.

It looks like two school board members were wise enough to vote against your one year extension. I hope the other members reconsider that decision after your lack of support for teachers these past two days. I do not know how you can lead a district in which you have lost the respect of your teachers.

This is how it should have played out.

1. A letter stating the seriousness of Walker’s assault on teacher’s. In the letter you close all schools in an act of solidarity with your teachers who work day in and day out.

2. You have an emergency meeting and approve the SEA contracts through 2012, and extend other  union contracts by the same.

3. You send out a letter to parents stating the seriousness of Walker’s assault on teachers, asking them for their support in these trying times.