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This Will Hurt Me More Than It Will Hurt You

I remember hearing that line as a kid before getting the belt. So, yes “by any means necessary” but those means should hurt Walker more than ourselves.

The rumblings are talk of a general strike in which we shut down industry in the state. My only concern with this strategy is it might help Walker more than it will hurt. Anyways, such talk is after the Democrats cave and by then its game over. What about stopping Walker before then?

I favor a two fold approach of recall and Kochcott. There has been talk of a letter writing campaign for those Republican that have some concerns with Walker’s bill. For example, Schultz in in favor of loss of collective bargaining right for two years and then the possibility of reinstatement. This so called  middle ground is sort of like those tax cuts for the wealthy that “never got extended”.

We don’t get anywhere playing that game. Any compromise on collective bargaining is a fool’s bargain. I say we won’t get anywhere with carrots, its time to sharpen the sticks. Rather than silly letters of thanks we need a serious effort to recall any senator in a purple district that supportted the bill. If Shultz and his buddies see recall efforts mounting they will begin to reconsider.

Likewise lets stop wasting time on recall Walker petitions. Its disheartening that the only ones with a recall petition right now are the teabaggers. Walker’s time will come but if he allows us to individualize the rage on him, he is only a convenient buffer for Republicans who support the bill. With a strong recall camaign against waffling senators we will be in a better position come fall for a serious recall campaign against Walker.

The Boycott, what I am calling a Kochcott, must be simple, focused, and felt.  My concern is if its too broad it will not be felt. We can write all the letters we want but if they don’t feel it on their bottom line its all a wasted effort.

The Kochcott is simple enough, we all go grocery shopping and wipe our ass. It is focused on specific products by a specific company,  Georgia Pacific. If this camapign is successful it will be felt by Georgia Pacific, Green Bay, Wisconsin, Koch brothers, and Governor Walker.

It can be thought of as a the Red Green Campaign. Save our Jobs and the Planet Too! The products in question are toilet paper, paper towels, paper cups and plates. These are products we all buy with brand names that are easy to remember.   Names such as Brawny, Angel Soft, Quilted Northern, and Dixie.

This sort of campaign would be felt locally but is simple enough to go viral and have national solidarity.