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I Hit Back

Madison’s poor have the union’ backs, will unions reciprocate via Chris Rickert:


I was taken aback by your recent hit job on teachers and their union. It appeared you had taken a page out of FOX’s play-book by trying to put a wedge between the working class.

First, you must have missed a good amount of the protests and rallies. As Mahlon Mitchell, as well as others, pointed out its about honoring labor, not only unions.

It appears the residents of Allied, Badger Road, and Lake Point Drive have a degree of common sense that you are unable to grasp. They realize that without collective bargaining they lose their greatest advocates. When teachers know the union has their back they are more willing to stand up for safety concerns, parents and students.  Now, even Walker knows that much. If you want to strip the voices of Wisconsin’s poor and their strongest advocates, you must drive a stake through collective bargaining.

Your goal most likely is to throw up a red herring but I will pretend your concern in genuine. I agree that the old ways of doing things will not suffice anymore. It is unacceptable for unions to watch silently while private sector workers are exploited, economic traitors outsource their jobs overseas, and have war declared on them by austerity measures supported by your employer. Yes, unions should and will have their back, you can take that to bank.

One last thing. Your so called “poor private sector” and “middle class public sector” is a frame that is just too FOXlike. While the wedge politics maybe great right wing taking points, the reality is the working class is more unified today than at anytime since the 1930’s.


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  1. Henry: I am not being disingenuous in the least, and I’m glad to hear organized labor wants to do things differently. I look forward to the results.

    Chris Rickert

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