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My Employee Made Me Do It

Some businesses are responding, saying that employee contributions to political campaigns don’t tell the whole story. via WISC Madison.

The irony is just to much to bear.  Here is the big lie, oh it was not the corporation or business that made the donation, but a rouge employee. Bull shit. This is the same fools game Obama played in the 08 election by arguing he did not take corporate donations. Direct corporate contributions is illegal and has been since the turn of the 20th century.

Shopping continues at Metcalfe’s Sentry as threats of a boycott begin to loom over its owner.As many companies state, Metcalfe’s itself doesn’t make political contributions. I personally have. I donated in the primaries, but I didn’t donate to any gubernatorial candidate in the general election. via WISC Madison.

So now our Channel 3000 defines a rogue employee, the owner of course. Only a complete idiot would see the owner of the company as a rogue employee who is acting in interests contrary to the company as a whole. Man Up Metcalf. Metcalf, you idiot, if you are donating money to a political candidate, so is the company you own.

“I think everybody has the right to make donations. The ones I made were personal and, like I said, I donate to both sides — always have. And I’ve never been political in terms of making statements,” Metcalfe said.

Yes, everyone has a right to make donations, but not the right to be free of consequences of those donations. All donations are personal, there is no separation here although many fools believe there are. You own a company and with that comes responsibility. If money is speech,you have the right to freedom of speech but not to be free from consequences of that speech.

Now, speaking for my self, as an individual, Metcalf’s payoffs to Walker in the primary would not be enough to boycott, but his involvement in Bratfest would be. Johnsonville has a disgusting record in support of Walker.

The whole meme that of I am neutral is bull shit. Metcalf pulled the card, M&I pulled the card, and others as well. If you gave a payout to Walker you are taking sides pure and simple. You can’t give money to a candidate and then pull out the neutral card.

Here is what I’d say, you have to decide if you want to go down on a sinking ship. Walker is going down, so being neutral and supporting Walker are one in the same.  There are companies like M&I, Georgia-Pacific, and Johnsonville whose sins against workers, democracy, and humanity are far too great to warrant salvation.

But then if individual Metcalf  is serious about being neutral, he will have no issue with pulling his support from Bratfest.  You can’t claim neutrality if you are sponsoring an event for Walker’s Brat’s. I will be waiting to see if Metcalf is truly serious about his neutrality claim or if he is just full of bratwurst.