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Dear Johnsonville

Johnsonville Sausage
PO Box 906
Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085

Dear Sir or Madame,

Let me start with a story.

Until recently one of our favorite meals was cut up Johnsonville italian sausages mixed with red potatoes. It was a nice, easy, skillet that could be made in about 15 minutes. With a deep heart I regret to inform you that meal is no longer an option.

No, your meat was not tainted, nor do I have any complaints as to its quality. Frankly, it was nicely seasoned and an enjoyable meal. My issue is the poor choices made by the owners of your company. With Scott Walker’s blatant assault on Wisconsin families and workers collective bargaining rights, I can no longer consume your products with a clear conscience.

Now, more than ever, it is becoming perfectly clear as to the relationship between large political contributions to Scott walker and his anti worker policies. In addition to no longer purchasing your products from the grocery store, I also will not participate in any way at Bratfest in Madison this coming Memorial Day.

While it is true that the owners of Johnsonville, as individuals, have every right to speak through their pocket book, they are not freed, nor their company, from the consequences of that speech. Likewise, I as a worker, union member, consumer, taxpayer, and Wisconsinite have every right to have my hard earned dollars go to companies who are not trying to take away my freedoms.

I look forward to the day when I can enjoy a Johnsonville brat again, but that can only happen when profits earned from working people are no longer given to politicians who strip those same workers of their freedoms.


Henry Dubb