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Those Shadowy Organizations

Dear Chris Rickert,

What is difficult about this topic is you tend to be pigeon holed into Democrat vs Republican or left vs right. I am not sure I would refer to liberal shadowy organizations as “the left” but certainly Democratic leaning.

But you have said nothing in your article,, that the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign has not said 1000 times. Republicans loved that organization when they rightfully went after Doyle, now they are hated when they go after Walker. I do think that a majority of us across the political spectrum do not see ourselves within the D vs R political frame

I recently stated, in regards to a boycott, in an unpublished letter to the editor, that if speech = money you have a right to that speech but not to be protected from the consequences of that speech.

That is exactly, as you pointed out, what Republican and Democratic shadowy organizations attempt to do. They are shadowy not because they are left or right, but because they aim to protect their donors from their speech. They are also shadowy in that hide they fact that their money comes from out of state and possibly out of country sources.

So, rather than getting a point for this party or a point of that party, I would love it if you wrote a future article on election reform. In particular, articulating the need for a anti-shadowy election reforms in the state of Wisconsin.  Certainly, we can all agree in the spirit of transparency that money should not come from out of state and that their donors should be published.

Henry Dubb