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Voter ID Will Take a Chunk of Elephant Ass

First I think the voter ID will do more good than harm for those voters who the Dems proclaim to care about. You know the old, the poor, the students, and those with nice tans.

The Dems argument goes that requiring an ID to vote will disfranchise certain segments of the population.  What the Dems are silent on is those populations are still disenfranchised in every other aspect of life in civil society. They can’t write a check, watch the polls, go to a Museum in Chicago etc… You get the idea.

Under Dolyle’s regime it became harder and harder to get an ID with or without a driver’s license.   It $30 a piece for each my children. I suspect many of those without ID’s don’t do so because of the cost. Not out of love for the poor for certain, but nevertheless, this bill makes it easier for those without financial means to get an ID today than it was one month ago.

Now for the Elephant’s ass. I imagine certain urban centers will have an up tick in state ID registration. Since the financial costs of getting an ID are removed, more and more disfranchised citizens will now be able to participate more fully in civil society. That is a good thing.

More elephant Ass. One of the things this bill gets rid of is straight party voting. There are a few sparsely populated counties up north who tend to vote straight party on the Democratic side. Madison does sometimes, but our independent streak is too damn strong to do it consistently. There is one county that has over a 90% straight ticket voting percentage.

Yep, Waukesha. Watch them closely the next time around. When Waukeshaians actually have to look at the candidates names they are voting for, interesting things may happen.

One response to “Voter ID Will Take a Chunk of Elephant Ass

  1. bfbvfs ⋅

    yeah. nice points.
    and wow they’re all so full of shit I can’t take it anymore. wait till everyone busts their nuts on the recalls, the Dems win a bunch of stuff and….it doesn’t really amount to a hill of shit.
    The gas pedal is stuck to the floorboards with superglue, what difference does it make which lyin’ s.o.b. is sitting in the driver’s seat. Oh sure, with herculean effort the speed might slow somewhat, but that’s the best case scenario. Still driving over bodies, still heading for the same cliff. Still only trying to make as much money as possible along the way.
    I dunno how any of them sleep at night. ‘specially the ones who claim to be champions of the “voiceless”, they’re the worst. re: Walker, at least he’s out there and honest about what he’s about.
    sayonara senpai. ganbatte kudasai…

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