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Keeping the Eye on the Prize?

A left of center “economic populist”  coalition is very different than the liberal / conservative schism of modern US. politics. Interest group politics can often do more harm than good. The victories in 2006 was the result of a strong economic populist message while being more conservative on issues like gun control, immigration, and abortion. This was not a new phenomenon but the re-emergence of the FDR coalition. FDR’s historic coalition was economic populism, strong defense, and agnostic on social issues.

It seems to me the Anti Walker coalition has some of the same issues. It is an opposition that is economic populist in scope which ties people together from across the liberal – conservative landscape. This diverges somewhat from the Democratic Party’s interest group politics which as long as money continues to flow those interest groups are not too concerned with others in the coalition.  A big tent coalition with differing stances on social issues must remain focused on its objective.

Social issues are the daggers that the right will use again and again to dismantle the Anti Walker coalition. This week there was an attempt at a water gun fight to protest concealed carry.  This is a constitutional issue that cuts through the AWC (Anti Walker Coalition). Some in the AWC may be for constitutional carry while others for Chicago style gun control. It is issues like these a AWC should take an agnostic approach to.

While it went over many liberals heads Russ Feingold was probably one of the Senate’s strongest 2nd Amendment supporters. Feingold authored the right to be arms amendment to the Wisconsin constitution. He filibustered  less than two years ago to make sure your constitutional 2nd Amendment rights were not infringed when you visit your mother in NY City. In his most recent campaign he attacked Ron Johnson hard on “reasonable gun registration”. Feingold believes in the 2nd Amendment in a constitutional not hunting way. It is the glue that holds the constitution together.

In this same state we have Kohl who was big on gun control. He authored the gun free zones at schools. We were able to survive for years with these two senators without any ill effects.  This actually kept gun rights from being a highly partisan issue even though the NRA  tried its best like their non sensicle endorsement of RoJo.

My point is issues like gun control are the rights divide and conquer strategy.  Its how they want to destroy the AWC one issue at a time. The big picture is Walker and his selling off the state piece by piece. It is Walker’s anti people, anti education, anti jobs agenda. We need to keep our eyes on the prize.