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Who Needs Fox News When you Got Peaceniks

Remember the Palm Trees. Yea when they couldn’t find any violent protesters they played a feed from a teabagger rally in Florida.  What they found was peaceful protesters who were not shy about aggressively using their constitutional freedom of speech.

You got those Peaceniks who share the Fox fantasy of violent protesters. I am not sure where they are. Some protesters using civil disobedience are the new boogeyman.  So much so that we “share witness” with a “silent strike”. You can’t make up that shit. Sounds like it came straight from the Onion.

Oh yea, since Walker won’t listen to our chants and signs, we’ll win him over with our silent prayers. How’s that silence working out for you now. Looks like the Supreme Court took it to heart.

I once had a professor who stated there are three things you can do with power; abuse, share it, or throw it away. It seems more and more we have one guy who wants to abuse it and too many on the other side who just want to throw it away.