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2 responses to “Stand Up, Fight Back

  1. Annie K. ⋅

    I swear to god just yesterday I was wondering what the hell happened to old Henry Dubb. I figured you just got too disgusted with The World, or got a hot new GF, or became an all-out ex-pat something. Possibly all 3. So – Welcome back to the cesspool.
    BTW I was also thinking about how blogging seems to engage lower brain functioning, you know kind of opposite of the publicized response to classical music. I was sitting watching clouds in the backyard (really) and some nearby U music student was playing a rather loud classical something, I didn’t recognize it, But I though “ah, I remember that feeling”. Sort of cautiously transcendent. Then I thought of blogs and felt the immediate shift as the synaptic impulses raced away from the penthouse of my Grey Matter to some place else. Maybe my butt. I dunno. Pretty sure that’s where political thought actually resides though. Specifically Rupert Murdoch’s butt which would have to be the most heinous thing on earth.
    If the crassness of this comment upsets you, blame Washington and the New Austerity. They had to make deep cuts in the Couth Department to appease the tea party.
    Not my fault..

  2. LOL. Just lazy, blogging takes too much work most of the time. Lately though my thoughts have been going more than 160 characters.

    Like the new Theme.

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