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Labor Board Should Press On

Yes the right wing rag they call The Wisconsin State Journal is upset, but that should be a signal to the proletariats out there that the Labor board is doing something right.

The median time between when unions file for an organizing vote and when those elections occur is now just 38 days. The Labor Relations Board wants to cut that in half. And the sooner the election, the more likely it is to pass because management has less time to counter union arguments, which often have been circulating for months in the shadows.

via Labor board should back off.

The discourse of our right wing rag is quite telling, lets look at it more closely.

Median of 38 days – Remember your math lessons from elementary school. Yes some corporations drag a union vote on for up to 90 days.

Management Less time to Counter – Employees will no longer experience months of interrogation, propaganda, and purging up to the final vote.

Circulating in the Shadows – Employees who have discussion or get together without the continual surveillance of thier employer.

These rule changes are common sense measures that make sure the work place is free of harassment, pure and simple.