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Race to the Bottom

Immigration is a tough topic. It pulls peoples heart strings in both direction that are not easily mapped as left and right. Often it pits poor whites against newly immigrated Latinos.

What is often forgotten in the pro immigration meme is the race to the bottom economics that are nurtured. Here is an example of older immigrated latina losing more and more of her wages over the years, whose job was outsourced for even less from labor pools of newer immigrated latinas.

“It’s everywhere now,” Fajardo, who works at the Hyatt Regency Indianapolis, said of the outsourcing around town. “The housekeepers, the restaurant, the stewards, laundry, room service …”

The jobs don’t go offshore to India — they go to little-seen labor agencies that provide hotel chains like Huffington Post.

Unions do no good in a system that can replenish their labor with 100’s of workers on a daily basis. Our current immigration policy is simply the process of letting workers climb a quarter of the way up the ladder, and then pushing then down.

Liberals, progressives, and the left generally need to get serious about immigration. It was not an accident that FDR’s New Deal left in place 1920’s immigration policies. While they had racist over tones, they also kept labor supply in check.

If we want a livable wage, collective bargaining, and to be able to put food on our family, we must get control of the labor surplus and that includes immigration.

The left fails to get that outsourcing jobs and in-sourcing labor are simply different moments of the same process.  It does not matter to Fajardo if her job is outsourced to India or a temp agency with extra cheap labor for sale. The end result is the same.




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  1. Annie K. ⋅

    Well-reasoned, fresh viewpoint. But, (yer prob’ly not surprised by this) my fave part was “food on the family”

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