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Privacy and Namedness

It seems there are two groups on this issue, one who believes the user should have the ultimate control over namedness, and one who believes that they have some inherent right to know X is X.

Google + has taken a great lead forward with giving users control over their information. I can download my Buzz’s, posts, profile etc. The ultimate control of information is ones identity. A strong arm tactic on identity totally goes against the liberation of other forms of information tied to that identity.

Identity is important, but its a question of who controls it. We are not talking about Mad323, but a singular, online identity tied to a gmail account. The argument of well how can I know who Mad323 on WoW is on Google + is simply when he or she befriends you.

There are arguments of transgendered people, domestic violence victims, and certainly we could add about anyone who is not in a labor union, but I think the problem goes deeper than than. Stalker or pervert like behaviors seem to have been elevated to a right of sorts for many social networkers. I have a right to know who X is online, follow them, stalk them etc, and likewise I will let them do the same.

Then there are those who argue if you don’t use a “real name” you are more likely to say things you wouldn’t otherwise. Now that’s a big line of crap and you know it if you have ever raised teenagers. If I am following a thread on Google + I am no more emotionally connected to other participants if i use my “real” or “fake” name. I may have much more emotional connectedness to commenter X with a ‘fake” than a “real” identity.

The issue of identity should be only one thing, that I am not pretending to be one I am not. If for example, I pretended to be Paul Krugman or Leo Laporte that is a clear violation of public trust and my account should be closed. If for example I created an identity which I use to interact online, which is frankly what I tell my kids to do, then that is my real identity.

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  1. Annie K. ⋅

    Lol I wrote a comment but then it seemed dumb so maybe I’ll try later. Interesting non-echo-chamber topic but just briefly, I hate the close watch Google keeps on individual user behaviors, and really hate the way they nag about attaching a phone number to your account.
    I will not. I have 3 Google accounts (I only use one on the WI MonkeySee-MonkeyDo blogs so no need to wonder who else I might be, Lol Xoff!) and anyways I hope those are the last 3 Google accounts w/o numbers and they can send Xe for all I care.
    The day they make that mandatory (like lock people outta their accounts) I’m off Google’s shit for ever. I’ll go back to stone tablets if I have to.
    I don’t need to see Ads based on my PERSONAL e-mail conversation topics (really horrifying!) and then to have Google be able to pinpoint everything IRL including my face, house etc. to whatever I say online .
    Christ onna crutch!
    It’s getting harder and harder to be a Hoodie-wearing Danger To Society Anymore

  2. I think the rumblings from the Obama administration as of late and the pressure to get identity verification is not an accident.

    • Annie K. ⋅

      I don’t know what the Obama Rumblings are.

      and btw I made an attempt to talk about why I currently use a fake identity while knowing it must also be incredibly obvious (to a few) who I might be IRL. Of course if I really needed to hide the “persona” as well as the name, I’m doing a piss-poor job of it.
      I tried to kinda “talk around it” but unless I got really specific about the issues I have with Real Name on the Internet, it made no sense. and – I don’t wanna get too specific.

      Side note: So often those who DO use a real name aren’t doing it for “honor” or “accountability” or any other such lofty reason. They do it to literally make a name for themselves. Or to support their own “brand” of whatever they are “selling”. And so when those people speak, with an eye towards advancement of themselves or product or cause, that won’t make for more honesty or more authenticity of self-expression than using a bogus name. Probably in fact trying to become some kind of political player will make you infinitely LESS genuine, even while using your real name.

      I’ll try to subscribe to comments in case you respond w/ whatever is up Obama’s butt re: Identity. I’m too lazy to look it up. O_o Fort some reason comment subbies are pains for me. Like I get a damn verification nag over EVERY comment. I dunno if my ad-blocker is weird or what. So I always just cancel the whole damn thing.

  3. Annie K. ⋅

    lol forgot to click the wee sub. boxes

  4. Annie K. ⋅

    also I’m just starting to snoop around about Google+
    so far people like it? I hate Twitter Tumblr and Facebook. And when I say “hate” I do not mean “tolerate” I mean hate-with-blood-frenzy.

    The point is, I might ask you for an invite to G+ If I do it would be with a different account/address. Anyways, this advance warning gives you time to think if a graceful excuse phrase if you don’t wanna invite me. XD
    also- some are saying you can’t get in even w/ an invite. whatevs.
    okay later then…

    • Annie K. ⋅

      oh. Thanks. I had seen a bunch of comments in various places saying you can’t get in anymore. Not real sure where all this is going but thanks to you if it goes anywhere interesting – at least I’m in.
      ‘preciate it.

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