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Walker Taxes

Got my Walker Taxes yesterday. It was roughly $215 which turns out to $2500 in extra Walker Taxes per year. I should consider myself lucky without a union contract the Walker Tax would be double or triple that figure. So, go ahead enlighten me what was your Walker Tax , $200, $300, $500 or more.

A better question is, is the era of the Republican tax meme over. Walker has no problem taxing the fuck out of of working folk. Fox News believes the lowliest of capitalist scavengers are the only true producers of wealth, and therefore the middle and working classes should make up the difference.

Its not about to raise or not to raise, but for whom should those taxes be raised or lowered. Should we lower taxes on capitalists who send wealth out of the country, or for those who create family sustaining, union made, American jobs. In either case taxes is the fight those on the left should embrace, and not give the Republicans an inch on.