Why Such an Ass?

Why are you being such an ass?


WEAC has historically served two roles a professional organization and a teacher’s union. It is in its professional capacity that the two days in October WEAC hosted a convention.

In short your children, I do pity them, will go to school two more days June in order for their lazy teacher to have “professional development” at the end of October. For some teachers, like Music and Gym, WEAC is their only opportunity at professional development. Many smaller districts heavily rely on WEAC for professional the development of their teachers. Yes, I know those evil unions using dues to fund teacher professional development.

MMSD, in keeping with the professional development theme, decided to have in depth discussions surrounding SIP Goals. But have no fear you would have been proud that teachers had this professional development with their coats on because schools are not heated when students are out the building.

But please quit being such an outright ass.