While hard to imagine in our Teabagger Nation, there was a time when socialism was as American as apple pie. There was a time when after church on Sunday, the community would join together for the monthly  Socialist picnic. There even was a time when socialism was so embedded in our “common sense” that cities, communities, and fans collectively would have the audacity to own a football team.

Here are some artifacts from that past that will give a glimpse of that socialist culture. Many of these are referenced in John Nichols book The S Word.

Canton Speech – Eugene Debs famous speech before being sent to prison.

Milwaukee 1912: The 1912 Platform of the Milwaukee Socialist Party.

Unity– Lockwood dedicates this 1913 issue to the unity of the proletariat.

Giants and their Tools Lockwood examines the evolution of tools.

Young America: Lockwood uses Pa in a dubious fashion to teach the Young American about socialism.

Soldier and the Billy Goat: The Soldier and the Billy Goat is G.H. Lockwood’s commentary on militarism.

Lockwood’s Recitations: Mrs.Lockwood’s list of favorite recitations, or poems.

Henry Dubb: A wonderful comic strip by Ryan Walker that follows Henry Dubbs dubious campaign against capitalism.

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