No Way, No How, Nobama

Well, that is the original saying that Hillary took from the PUMA’s.

Even Alex Bennett enjoyed the speech.

It does look like things are heating up.

  • The delegates voted this morning from their hotel rooms and the vote was so close that Pelosi is trying to do damage control.  We don’t know what the status of the roll call is at this time or whether there will be one.
  • Bill Clinton refuses to stick to the script that was written for him and may not be speaking tonight.

It turns out that Obama only want to give Bill Clinton 10 minutes. Now, you tell me who does not give a crap about unity. If Obama’s intent is to infuriante those voters who supported Hillary he is doing a heck of a job. Here is one of Obama’s “Uncle Tom’s”.

It is interesting how the liberal bloggers are using the word “if” instead of “when” in referring to an Obama presidency. I am curious when the last a Democratic nominee was down in the polls during their convention.  I know Kerry and Gore were up, and if memory serves so was Dukakis.

If you get tired of the Republican wannabees, watch Free Speech TVCrashing the Party Convention coverage begins at 8:00.