Proposals target rehiring of retired public employees

The tone of this piece is so anti worker its beyond me. Frankly, its a gross misunderstanding of how the retirement system works. This is a self supporting system funded by workers themselves either through payroll taxes or by the employer subtracted prior to a worker’s monetary benefits.

In short this would be no different than someone having a Roth IRA which matured at age 64 and someone was working more than 20 hours a week. Would we prohibit that worker from accessing money from the IRA just because he needed or wanted to work in his retirement.

Most of these workers come back out of a sense of obligation or service not an attempt to game the system. Channel 3000’s anti worker rhetoric is appalling.  When Channel 3000 uses Fox’s like rhetoric like some critics is difficult to know the basis for that criticism. Which critics, what evidence have they offered. If a post retirement worker does not pay into the system, will there annuity increase as a result of that employment. That is what Channel 3000 claims without any facts to back it up.

In the end this is workers money they paid in year after year that would mature at a particular age. Many workers work post retirement, should they defer their pensions until the state is satisfied with their retirement status. Should post retirement workers be denied Roth IRA’s and other retirement savings because they are working.