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Alex Bennett 6/7/08

The topic of today’s show was the aftermath of the recent Supreme Court ruling on the death penalty. As some may know Obama took issue with the ruling because he felt child molesters should be included in the class of criminals for state murder.

The show did not really center on state murder per se, but rather what to do with this class of criminals. Alex took the line that punishment alone is not enough, the state does not do ewnough to rehabiilitate child molesters. The show more or less focused on the question of if child molesters can be rehabilitated, and if not, then what.

In all honesty I have mixed feeling on the topic. On the one hand I am not convinced child molesters can be cured, and it is always scary putting your zip code into the sexual predator registry. On the other hand, the whole notion of “preemptive punishment” troubles me. The idea of punishing someone for a crime they may commit in the future seems too Terminator like for me.