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Ralph’s Back – Maybe

The Hippie Perspective:This guy really needs to stop inflating his ego. Without him, Gore would be in the White House right now (well, if you discount Gore’s awful campaigning and the screw up in Florida that is).

As expected, with Edwards suspending, what the hell does that mean anyway, his presidential campaign, Nader is stepping up his.

For months now it has felt like going to the grocery store trying to buy a normal container of Ranch dressing. We had garlic ranch, cucumber ranch, low fat ranch, low calorie ranch, low carbs ranch, ranch with bacon bits, but no basic Ranch.

If you are one of the enlightened few who is sick of Corporate Power, Corporate Greed, and Corporate Control , you just may want to throw a few bucks the Nader way.

I did want to respond to the Hippie Perspective and other so called progressives who still have the audacity to blame Nader for 2000.

Lets stop all this nonsense about spoiling. That is like Clinton supporters blaming the African Americans in SC for spoiling the election, or the Obama supporters blaming Hispanic Americans for their loss in Nevada. The only purpose of such rhetoric is voter suppression.

If we are to have a democracy its a two fold process. You can’t be against voter suppression on the voter end, but for it at the candidate end. I would claim anyone that would have the audacity to put up the spoiler straw man argument is neither a progressive nor a friend of democracy.

The whole Democratic Nader Hate had more to do with Kerry losing in 2004 than Nader had to do with Gore in 2000. In 2004 the Democratic Party spent thousands if not millions of dollars keeping Nader off the ballot. Resources that could have been used to fight George Bush were used to keep Nader from achieving ballot status.

I certainly hope that Nader decides to run. I will be sending in $50 later today.